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And now for the update


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Blue raspberry toosie pops. What will they think of next?
We had four trick-or-treat'ers. A dismal showing. Worst year ever.
Of course, unlike previous years, we didn't have our usual anniversary festivities. With everything going on, I completely forgot to plan something special for anniversary dinner. First year ever. I did get a card yesterday. I probably wouldn't even have remembered to do that, if annweenie hadn't said something to me earlier that made me think of it.
So there's a moment we'll never get back.
The Sean's Bar Mitzvah weekend was great, but I'm half sick of apples. I'm going to cut this one off and move the rest of my comments to friends-only. I'm feeling the gaze of aardvark strongly today, and even though I'm sure it's just paranoia, there are some things I'd rather not share out.
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