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First a VERY BIG "Thank you" to Chris. This was exactly what I needed.
Second, I have put off my Harry Potter report
First classes for Harry. He gets a week of detention for being a dork. Always let your enemy think you are stupider than you are. I should remind Frank of this sometimes, right now he's wanting to fight every perceived insult. Strategize people! On the plus side, imagine how much less obnoxious Snape's class will seem by comparison. At least Snape makes no bones about his feeling. He doesn't cloak them under social niceites waiting for you to screw up. Not really into this week's review. Can you tell? At least Professor McTabby told him off but good.

So I checked out the hot new fad, Curves for Women. They have a circle of resistance training machines that exersize your muscles and you two circuits and stretch. I did my first circuit this morning, and other than feeling like a klutz getting off and on the equipment, it seems cool. I think I'll enjoy more at the end of the day than the beginning. I also want to find out if any of the ones by me have Sunday hours. Sunday morning is all that dead time while I wait for Sleeping Beauty to rise from the dead.
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