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A full skein

I might have to buy my own set of crafting pliers. I have three necklaces queued up on spools right now. One in browns with glass and stones. One in blue, mostly seed beads with a few pearls and crystals thrown in for accent. And one I hate in jade and cloissoine, but I'm hoping to figure out what's wrong with it.
I'm not good enough to finish the seed bead blue one. I definitely have to take that in to Liz for help, but I could finish the brown one. The jade one, there's no help for. It needs a fresher eye (or maybe a friendlier stone.) I'll get it. I just want it to be special 'cause it's for my mommy.
Anyway, this comes up because I have a moment of time to kill while hoppie gets ready for the dentist, and I could work on beading, but....where? I don't really have all the much cord left to work with. Although I do have some unencumbered stretch magic...

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