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I vote to not be eaten by giant killer worms

Again, I've lost most of this dream in the rush of morning, but

We'd crash landed on this planet. Our spaceship was largely what we lived in and it didn't provide much shelter from the creatures who lived below the surface. They would snake up through the sand and devour people whole. We'd lost at least 5 people that way. We were trying to get off. I remember some little bit of flying the ship in space.
Mostly though, I remember standing on things in the daylight hours, so it would be harder for them to get to us, and trying to stay in the shadows, because the creatures only attacked in the light.
Someone told us we had a limited time because the sun didn't set for some months, so we decided we had to do something, kill the creature or get off or something. I forget what we did, but we ended up in the subterranian lair of the creature. From what I remember, it was a giant library. At least one of our guys there was turned to a giant stone statue which had him encased in it. Someone else broke him out, while I went and found Matt/Max/Mac/Mikka/Mel, I didn't quite catch his name because I whispered it to him as I cradled him. I found him among the stacks rocking back and forth, curled up in a ball, naked and weeping. I immediately ran to him and cradled him, whispering his name over and over again and trying to warm him up.

I did not vote yesterday: Here's why (in script form):
Radio: Today is election day in Boston with Mayor Menino (Mumbles) fighting (ha!) to keep his job...
Me: Election day? Hrm. I don't remember hearing anything about it. I must remember to look up and see if I have anything to vote on.
Me: I haven't voted today.
Solies: Me either!
Me: I'm not sure if I have anything to vote on.
Solies: I do!
Me: Hrm.
Later than Later...
Me: So you see, we have nothing to vote on.
Hoppie: Is it the second Tuesday already?
Me: Yes.
Hoppie: We should vote.
Me: But we have nothing to vote on. Not like Solies and Rocker they get to elect school board and city council.
Hoppie: I vote we eat dinner tonight.

Okay, maybe that isn't exactly what happened, but it could have been.
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