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I tried to call you before but I lost my nerve

Take the quiz: "What Historic Woman Are You?"

Eleanor of Acquitaine
One of the first great queens of England, Eleanor was her own woman. She married the French prince at 14, but after six years of marriage and no son, she divorced him and secretly married the younger (and wealthier) heir to the English throne. Her sons were some of the greatest monarchs in English history! You must be tenacious, audacious, and brave if you're like Eleanor. Read more about her:

The Dreaming Princess

Another odd and vivid dream last night. I was one of the attendants at a friend's wedding. I wasn't much fond of the groom and then I discovered, he'd been responsible for concealing information about my friend's previous fiance' who'd gone missing. Everyone spent a lot of time hissing at me and trying to keep me from telling my friend what I'd discovered. I did a lot of running around and a lot of clothing changing. I did finally get the wedding cancelled or postponed too. Her groom was a scary dude too. Very urbane looking, but with a undercurrent of sadism that it seemed like only I could see.
I woke up at 5:45 still tired. I permitted myself to go back to sleep expecting to wait up around 7, but didn't actually wake up until 9. My darling husband says, "I thought about waking you up, but I always think I should let you sleep whenever you can."
"Thanks darlin' but it's Friday, so I'm going to have to leave work early."
"Oh, right. Sorry about that. You can always work sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!"
"The goal is to not to have to work Sunday. I only worked last Sunday because I had a wicked bad migraine."
"Work efficiently, then. Have a nice day, darling."
"Grumble, grumble, grump."
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