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Dreams like trivial pursuit

In one of my dreams last night, hoppie and I had been sent back in the past 50 years or so and we were sitting in a basement room that looked just like the one at my parent's house, doing a cross-word puzzle with some friends. One of the questions was "What would you call a lady Tarheel" At first hoppie thought that question was "What would you call a 'well-heeled' lady" but then hoppie and I were trying to remember where the Tarheels were. I had it down to between Arizona, North Carolina, and one other state I can't remember right now, and I just kept going back and forth trying to remember.

Another of my dreams involved being in a meeting at my job, an energy company, on the top floor of the building during a windstorm. The building was shaking, and people started to get nervous and leave the meeting. I was trying to be cool, but I really don't like heights and when other people started leaving, I figured it was okay to go. So I left, and I didn't even pick up my purse which was at my desk, a window cube on the top floor, I just excited the building and started walking through downtown Louisville, where the building was.
On the way, I saw other building where the banisters or pieces of the floors had been buffetted and damaged by the high winds and thought maybe I should get back to my building and...I don't know. I don't remember having a plan. I just thought I should get back. On the way back, I noticed a bunch of other buildings being evacuated. When I got back to mine, it had collapsed. The top three floors were "intact" but they were sitting on top of the rubble that used to be the rest of the building.
I wondered about my purse and whether they would find it in the rubble and how much work I had to do to cancel and replace everything. I hooked up with some friends and asked if everyone had gotten out. She didn't know, she'd left not long after I did. We were talking about splitting up and she asked me if I minded driving to Louisville to drop someone off. That was odd. Why wouldn't I? I live in Louisville. I figured I lived at my parents, although it occurred to me that I probably shouldn't at my age. They kept asking me if I minded driving to Louisville. Weird.

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