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This is the hardest job a manager has to do...

I've given Toby away. The people who are (were) boarding him for us have fallen in love with him and asked if they can keep him. They have a little girl who's apparently quite taken with him. Hoppie and I talked about and we realized we don't want to be the monsters to steal a cat away from a home where he's happy and they're happy to have him.
Hoppie says we can re-visit the issue later, after the "job situation" is settled.

Also we hung our new mailbox. I dug out the old one all by myself and hoppie and I put in the new post and attached the mailbox and all that stuff. Hoppie planted next year's garlic crop. We're experimenting with new garlics. We have nine types of garlic, each labeled. Of course they will probably all be harvested together, so labeling them is a manifestation of the sheerest optimism.

Billy Joel in January, though at the Gahden. (We have 4 extra tickets, if anyone is interested)
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