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So last night, I took anjillmarie to Lush Beads for a special birthday class. This is the first we've really been able to do something because of Jill's cheerleading. We started off with the general theory that we wanted to earrings.
lizzielizzie showed us the basic and fancy wraps needed to make dangles. We practiced for spell and then Jill asked if we could learn to make dragonflies.
Well, it turns out they're a little tricky, but not particularly hard, and we all made a pair (Liz; Christina, Jill's hot sister, Jill, and me). Last night after I got home, I made another pair, which is a little lopsided, which just means I get to keep it, in Cardinal colours, red and black. I have some blue too, so maybe I'll make some UK coloured ones for the family.
Today Jill and I hit up JoAnn fabrics. I was there over the weekend, and, while they don't have a good supply of beading stuff, the prices are great. I got a pair of wire cutters (last night I used hoppie's. Not really so much for delicate close up work, although I suppose I should be greatful he's an engineer and so has any at all.) and a bead board. Jill got some french hooks and a set of pliers and cutters.
I brought in my stash of 80zillion seed beads and let her pick the ones she wanted and also some of my bicone crystals. So we're all set to make earrings on our own this weekend.
I also printed out of a couple of different earring pattern suggestions of things I might try, because as Jill pointed out, people will get bored if all they see are dragonflies.
They are really pretty. I know, I know. Pics soon.
Also last night I finished up the earrings for my aunt's necklace. They came out pretty good. I did a wrapped loop with a bit of a spiral pattern against the top of the bead. I'll get pictures of that too.
Wayne bought the klutz version of the spirograph in today. Now that's entertainment!
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