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The weekend

Saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire this weekend.
This one required a lot of explanations for people who hadn't read the book. Rocker was dissastified with all the things he didn't get. (although he wasn't bothered by the one that most bothered me.) Yesterday, hoppie and I were talking about it further, and he was unsatified by the disjointedness of it. It really didn't hang together for him.
Like the last movie where you didn't get a sense of the Mauraders and their relationship, this one didn't give you a sense of the Crouches and their relationship.
Like in the last movie, everyone was up in arms because of a prisoner breakout from Azkaban. This one they didn't even notice? Better to skip the Crouchness at the trial than to not explain how a known DE escaped from a heavily guarded wizard prison unnoticed.
The thing that struck me at the time was the lack of explanation of "priori incantatum." I had to explain that to the guys. Once I explained that the wands were brothers and wouldn't duel, hoppie got it, but how much sense does that make without the explanation?
I know when you have an audience as large as the Harry Potter audience, you don't need to play for the people who haven't read the books so much, but they still exist and they might like the movie.
Hoppie was also a bit turned off by the Ron/Harry dynamic. He's going to love movie 6.

Went to lizzylizzy's store yesterday. We're doing a sekret santa! I'm pathetically excited about it. I haven't done one in ages. I finally got into the one at my old company when I left, and my current company does it only in small cliques based on your initial startup, since I wasn't part of any of the startups, it never occured to anyone to ask me if I'd be interesting. Anyway, I'm just delighted that the crew down at Liz's store included me in the gang, even if it means I have to make something that doesn't suck as a present. Luckily, I do have some good materials. I can't tell you what I'm making or who I'm making it for yet, but I think I have an idea of what to make, anyway.
And in an odd coincidence, ,Marilyn Manson got married this weekend. I say odd and coincidence because he just came up in conversation, and that happens very rarely.
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