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There's a lot to dream about Lowell

Last night's dream involved me staying at Liz's "old Victorian house" in Lowell (which does not exist.) I don't remember much of the dream except it was walking distance to the store. And we went to the store at least once in the dream. Later in the dream, I was driving somewhere ordering fresh vegetables from a coop in Cambridge. They delivered fresh vegetables every other day depending on what was available. Corn was "tomorrow"'s vegetable.
Then I was back in Lowell, reading the signs for the Polish/American festival. I decided I should tell Elaine about it. On my way down the hall to her apartment, I ran into her. She was followed by two of kids. I walked to the apartment with her, telling her about the festival. They'd already decided to go. When we got the apartment, her youngest son ran and jumped up on me. (Which now that I think about it, is pretty much what happened last night when I was at their house. Hrm. prophetic?)

It started out with me, hoppie, and hoppie's younger sister following his parents to dinner at a Bertucci's in Woburn on 3A. (I recognize the road even though we were coming at it from the Arlington side, which makes no sense at all.) Betsy is explaining to us how to get there. We pull into the parking garage behind the restaurant behind a car. I say, "Oh, I wonder if that's your parents." even though it clearly isn't because the car in front of us is a double-wide lime green hummer. The only thing that made me think it might be his parents was it looked like people in the back seat were waving at us. But that turned out to be a guy putting the moves on a girl in the backseat.
Then we went inside, and the whole thing changed to my grandparents old apartment. We were sitting on my grandmother's bed and rocker was showing us (there were a bunch of us, not just me and hoppie, and I don't know if Betsy was still there. I can't remember.) his new pet. I can't remember if it was a dog, a penguin, or an otter, but it was something like that. It was probably most like a penguin, but it wasn't exactly like one. Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures of it walking around, showing off. Then rocker showed us this trick where he held up a cape and his pet did this like backflip to get into the cape and then pranced around wearing it. It was oodles of cute and I took tons of pictures, but I wasn't sure if they came out.
I left the foot of the bed and went to sit at the head of the bed next to rocker, and I reviewed the pictures to see if they came out, all the while explaining to hoppie that I wasn't sure I got the shots. While I'm reviewing the pictures, my dad walks up to me. Suddenly I'm standing on a platform holding my camera. Wayne is standing next to me. Dad is explaining to me that he took my suggestion and hooked up with the World Poker Tour so he'll be able to pick up my car at the Bedford Airport. I explain that I didn't end up driving, someone took me to the airport, and also that I'd talked my friend Wayne into coming with me. I introduce him to Wayne who is standing next to me. Someone in the back yells, "She used to have a crush on him." (Thank you, Commander Data). Wayne sorta shrugs off the comment. I then introduce my dad (and mom) to my fiance who has just walked over. He's sberman like in appearance (that's for you, Tril) and very "Aries"like. We talk to my parents as we walk into the hall. Then my parents say that they don't want to get in the way of our big production (apparently we're directing whatever is happening that I was standing on stage for) because Brian (my brother) never liked it when they hung around for his stuff. I tell them I don't have a problem with it, but they leave anyway.
Then my fiance and I share a big kiss (which surprises me in the dream too, since I didn't really feel like I knew him, although obviously I did because we were engaged and the things he said in the dream resonated as if I knew them already.) and he tells me he's still trying to find a way to tell his dad that he doesn't want to join the family business, and he's going to use the Talmudic formula of of speaking in the passive voice to explain his decision to his dad. He shows me what he's thinking of saying.
I don't want to insult him, but I don't think saying it in the passive voice is going to be especially helpful. I ask if he wants me to talk to his dad. He gives me this look like, "Uh. You're a girl. And girls don't fight my battles." Okay, just making the offer.
I continue on blithely, "Well, I'm sure he'll forgive me once we have grandchildren." (meaning when we have children, so his father has grandchildren)
Then I talk about how my parents would be happy no matter who I married, provided there was reproductive benefits they could reap.
While we're talking, we've gone back into the auditorium and are headed back up to the stage.
On the stage, there's a line of women talking. One woman points out another woman on the end and introduces her to me as a lesbian. Before I can even point out that I don't care, she introduces me like this, "Her mother surrounded her with chunky men so she wouldn't fall in love and run off, so she fell in love and ran off with a chunky man." an obvious reference to my first husband. I'm kind of annoyed to hear her say that in front of my fiance, but then I woke up.

There was actually a second odd dream I had last night. I was driving both my cars (don't ask. Even in the dream I couldn't figure out how I managed to drive both cars) in Texas and it was hot. I pulled into a gas station, and the cars flung open their doors as if to let the cooler air in. I was in the white one, and apparently my actual car, the blue sebring, was driving itself, or something. The mechanic said he'd seen things like before when the cars got overheated, and he sent me to a church to wait while he fixed the cars.
Church services were starting and I was pressed into service to help sing Christmas carols. I was okay with it. I'm not anti-Xmas. The services started and I was surprised to find they were all in Hebrew. I was also a bit annoyed because during the caroling practice, I'd left my Siddur (which had the words to the prayers) on the stage where the preacher was. The cantor ('cause clearly that's what he was) went through the service. Then a visiting Rabbi spoke. Apparently Sunday services were in English with the preacher, but for some weekly services, they invited other people of the community to come in and lead services.
After the services, I went up on the stage and looked for my book, which wasn't where I'd left it. The preacher's wife yelled at me that I couldn't just take their books. I explained that it was mine and I'd left it there and it was light blue, and could she please help me find it. She held up a book, "This one?"
"No, light blue." said I. (The book was a kind of medium blue with ornate gold writing.)
The I found it behind the podium. I held it up, "This one!"
"That's not ours!"
(Well, no freaking duh, lady. Isn't that what I've been trying to tell you?)

I finished my secret santa gift. Now I'm debating whether I wrap it up and bring it to sit under the tree in Liz's store on Sunday for a week. I'll think about it. I definitely want to take a picture of this. It shows off my lack of talent in execution, but also betrays a decent eye for design. I think its' cute.
I also make my first pair of dragonfly post earrings using Swarovski crystal posts in montana blue.
lain_mac gave me a cute beading set she inherited in a move. I'm thinking if I've done a good job preping for Channukah, I can fill it up so it's all I have to take to Kentucky. I'll just fill it up with some filler projects and the the safety chain materials I need to add safety chains to Lori and Leah's bracelets and be good to go.
Last night I started adding a safety chain to a bracelet I did earlier in the year. I'm using split rings (like keychain rings) to make a chain that goes over the clasp and provides a bit of extra protection.
I'm still blocked on my mother's necklace. I bought this beautiful malachite disk, but I can't pair the jade with it because it doesn't really match, and I don't have enough malachite beads to make a necklace, and, oh yeah, I want to use jade for it, because jade is my mother's favorite. I really must want this too much. I think I'll start working on pieces for my cousins and my sister-in-laws.
Laina's kit also make with beading needles. So I may have to consider branching out my skills to include bead weaving or whatever it is that you're supposed to use the needles for.
In other news, yes, we're being hit with the snowstorm. The office is relatively empty.
Poker tomorrow.
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