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So I wake up yesterday because my cellphone is ringing. It's about 8. We got home around 4ish, and it took me awhile to fall asleep (of course, when I did, I slept like a rock, more on that later). Since I'm awake, I decide to take my ovulation test. When I head back to bed, I notice it's empty. I wonder if I tried to kill hoppie in my sleep, such that he moved to a different room for his own protection. I check the guest bedroom. No hoppie. I call downstairs, "Hoppie?" No answer. I decide I'd better check and see if he's there. On the way down, I notice that the paper is still in the driveway, so he probably hasn't left, I conclude. Therefore it's a bit of a shock to find that he's not passed out on the couch. After the shock fades, a little, I pick up my cellphone and check the message. The missed call is from hoppie's work prefix, although not his extension. I call it. There's no answer. I listen to the voice mail. It's hoppie. He got called into work, and he didn't want to worry me or wake me, but he thought he'd better leave me a message before I woke up and freaked out. (Nice try, love.)
Well, of course, sleep is pretty well shot by that point so I start getting ready. I drink two bottles of water, and go to give blood. Amazingly, the woman who takes my blood is blazingly competent, easily finding and taming the vein. For some reason, though, my hand felt numb by the time the blood was finished escaping. But there were no lasting ill effects. My hand woke up shortly thereafter. Then I went to the office and do about 30 minutes of work before going to . lizzielizzie was my secret santa and she made the prettiest bracelet. I've been showing it off all day. I'll take a picture. It's PINK! I love pink.
I didn't do much at Liz's actually, at least, not much to benefit Liz. I made one ring, and Liz learned me how to make snowflakes and these earrings that I'm going to make for my sister-in-law to go with the ring I made her last week. I'm wicked excited about that. I'm going to work on it tonight.
After that, I went home and read the newspaper. Eventually hoppie made it home. (He got home around 6. Then we called in (!!) to the crisis call for the emergency he was paged for.) Then my in-laws had a birthday party for me with my favorite foods and some excellent presents including a couple of GBA games and a DVD movie, some clothing, and an amazingly beautiful crystal candy dish.
Then on the way home, hoppie called back into the meeting and then stayed up till midnight on the call. Apparently it got resolved around 8 this morning.
And speaking of Lizes, I also got a scarf this morning from a different Liz.
Squeeee!!!! Presents and love!!!!
Tags: friends, hoppie, tmi

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