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Happy birthday, baby

Yes, it's true. Hoppie is 35. The calendar does not lie. And no matter how many times I tell myself, he's only 34 (but he used to be so young!), it's simply not true anymore. 34 he was, but no more.
We talked a bit last night after Monday night football which had us figuratively glued to our seats. (I won the football pool, but it was close the whole time!)
I said, "You know I'm upset that we didn't get to spend any time together this weekend, right?"
and amazingly, no "but we spent Saturday and Sunday night together!", he simply said, "Yeah." then as an afterthought, "You could have come back to bed and slept next to me."
Thanks, baby.
Anyway, we're okay again for now. Relationships aren't totally self-correcting, but ours tries hard to be.
I have his birthday present in the car, just awaiting.

Harry Potter's detention reminds me the a passage in the Marquis deSade's Justine where the husband bleeds his wife regularly to weaken her to death. (For reasons I can't remember, so don't ask). I think part of it is to get her money, and part of it to keep her under control and another part just 'cause he likes it.
I don't envy Hermione's job of trying to keep the twins out of trouble. If Percy couldn't manage it, Hermione doesn't have much hope. And she's digging herself into a hole with this house elf thing. The house elves at Hogwarts are there because they want to be. It's clear that Dumbledore would pay them and give them time off if they asked for it, so I think this is building to something stupid and dangerous.
I already knew from rumours out and about about Ron's making the Quiddich team, but congratulations, anyway, Ron. 8-)
And I miss Hagrid.
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