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...but this is

So we've arrived safely in KY. Christmas with hoppie's family was very nice. Good company. Cool gifts. Good food. All the usual. Then we lit Channukah candles and went to hoppie's relatives in Rockport.
Had a miserable drive to DC. Got in a midnight. Left later than we wanted to, but it was the only way to see Leah before we left (but of course, it left us no time to detour off and drop in unexpectedly on Greg and Maya, but I figure it's important to appease the people whose bed you steal.) We got in before midnight last night. We hit Moorehead around 9:45 (hi Sammah!).
This morning has been pretty lazy. I took an hour long soak in the tub of earthly delights. Mmmmmm, soak. I caught up on livejournal, did some reading, and now it's time to wake hoppie. We're going to meet my Meemaw and Uncle Mark and Stella on da boat. Mom's out and about, so we'll go when she gets back.
Until then, I think it's craftin' time!
Tags: family, holiday, travel, vacation

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