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I can't believe no one thought to mention that Norrington was Steve!! Stacey, if they didn't tell you before, I'll tell you. Steve has a very big role. He's fabulous. Go see it! It's not racy, you can take the kids. Simon will love it. And if you have seen it, to you, who knows that we watch Coupling, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!!!???!!!.
Edit: Okay, in fairness, the coupling livejournal does mention it. But I never knew there was one until today (although, admittedly, I should have).

Okay, fine. So everyone is right. It's actually an interesting movie. It has the usual romantic contrivances, boring, odd, unlikeable hero, (damnit! It's Steve!! I rooted for him!) which was actually quite a miserable casting decision because he had to be at least 10 years older than her, and probably considerably more, but he didn't look it, nor did he particularly age much between her at 10 and her at however many years later (yes, I know they told us, but it had numbers in it, and I didn't retain it.)
Jonathan Pryce, also commonly known as the villain, doesn't seem to play a villain this time out, which is a little surprising. Also, I'm surprised that everyone we met in the first 5 minutes didn't end up dead. I must have been really traumatized by Finding Nemo
The big question we had when we left the theatre was how did Billygoat (sorry, Blackjack, no, no, no, Bootstrap) Tanner die? They were already cursed when they tossed him overboard, so he should have still been retreivable. I said that maybe he didn't have any blood because they were all, you know, cursed, but the guys assured me that they still bled, although I thought the sword came out clean until the curse was reversed, but then why would they need his blood if he wouldn't possibly have any, but then maybe just to make the curse hard to reverse? So the suggestion was that they dumped him somewhere trenchlike and he couldn't get free of the cannon to move, even to walk along the bottom of the ocean, but then it seems like they could have sunk themselves and found him and then resurfaced. I suggested that they didn't actaully tie him to the cannon, but blew him to pieces with it, like Willl Scarlet, sorry Tanner, did with his bomb, but no one liked that idea. So we're baffled and open to suggestions. (I know, repeat to yourself, it's just a show, you should really just relax.)

Hoppie enjoyed his birthday, so I'm really happy. He liked his tshirt so much he's going to break tradition and introduce it into the wardrobe today instead of waiting for new shirt Friday. (Every Friday is new shirt Friday. Hoppie has enough Tshirts to cover the entire cast of Pirates of the Caribbean, and probably half of the crew as well.) Suddenly I can't remember if I posted it before, but if not, It's the Statistical Errors shirt. I will be spending at least the next 3 days patting myself on the back for finding it (okay, fine technically, Elaine found it, but I'm still patting, I found the proper application!), and I spent most of the last week doing the same thing, so people can't say I'm not keeping busy, as if anyone would want to say that.
Anyway, wish me luck today. I have to argue a speeding ticket.
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