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Flowers and errands

I'm not going to complain too much about my in-laws who are, by and large, wonderful. I will just briefly be annoyed that they asked us to show up early yesterday so they could talk to us about the party and finalize the seating arrangements, and when we complied, they were completely engaged in other things, and by the time they finished, everyone was there. We did the seating arrangements (although we could have pretty much done them anytime during the evening) and ended up staying late to finish things off. By the time we left, I was practically falling off the bone.
Of course one could blame that on my errand running.
Today's errands (because before work has become my best errand time. I didn't realize how much you could actually do between 8 and 9.) were picking up drugs...who cares.
All I really want to know is why does Michaels pay people to do floral design if they never show up, pick their own (totally random) hours, which they don't write down and in no way seem to communicate.
Tags: chores, rant

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