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So trip was nice. Trip back we wandered into a slight snow storm but it wasn't nearly the apocolypse predicted by the weather reports. My brother drove him amidst thunderstorms his whole way, and, of course, back at the parents' place, they had tornados. So hoppie and I pretty much got off easy. We got back in around 5. I slept until 10ish and then went to work.
Since I've been back, I've been wrestling with stupid problems relating to my lack of experience in this particular job. It's frustrating. But no one cares.
In one of my dreams last night, it was my last half hour of my last day at my job and I was checking things into source control, and also making a backup copy for my records. Making a copy consisted of me reaching into an empty rectangular clear plastic box and pulling out papers (sorta as they "printed," except I was sorta pulling them out of thin air in the container) When I was printing the database schema, it was going to slow for me, so I added water and then pulled out a bunch of papers. (which felt wet when they were in the water, but dry when I got them out of the container.) The other cool thing is that this was taking place in my parent's kitchen. I love the empty container metaphore for source control, though.
Every 10 minutes, I run into a different problem. All these things that should be second nature to me, but I don't remember. *sigh*
But I do have pictures.
Christmas and Channukah pictures.
I've also updated my Jewelry page with some (but by no means all, because I totally forgot to take pictures of a bunch of them) of the presents I made for the family. I should probably label the new ones.
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