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Mixed reviews

So I'm not happy with the way my ticket was resolved (or not, because I'm actually going to go to court) but I couldn't be happier with the court officers, the clerks office, and the professional way they handled everything.
First, when I walked in (side entrance for metal detectors), I put my purse and my DTPFAA documentation through, and the security guard (bless your heart), asked me if I was there to fix the printers. I have achieved dominate geekdom. When you walk into a building of strangers, and they automatically assume you're there to fix the equipment, you have arrived! That was a pleasure.
So I got directed around to the adjudication room, and there waited for my turn. My appointment was at 2:30. I got in to see them at 4. Everyone who appealed their tickets showed up. The clerk magistrate apologized. (apologetic is one)He said he's never seen an attendance rate like this. Normally they'll have about 1/3rd of the people. (witty AND apologetic)
He gave me time to consider my actions. (considerate, witty and apologetic).
By the time I got out of there, of course, the clerk's office was closed, (they closed at 4), but he called and asked them to let me in to pay the filing fee anyway, so I didn't have to come back or mail it in. (thoughtful, considerate, witty and apologetic!). The security guard let me in to the clerk's office. They took my money and didn't give me a lick of trouble for showing up after hours, and the security guard held the door for me as I left. I don't know what the Lowell District Court system is doing, but I hope they never stop. Not the best system, but the best people to implement it. Nice job guys.
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