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Time for a change

So while my time tests are running, and I've nothing to do but wait until 2:00, I thought it would be time for another recap.

Saw The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe last night. I know this will come a shock, but I've never actually seen any movie representations of the book (or any of the Nrnia books) before. There was just too much potential suckage for me to risk it, but I decided I wanted to see this one.
Some line-by-lines compares:
Favorite character:
Book: Edmund
Movie: Edmund
I thought there might have been a little too much pouting, but Edmund managed to pull off his usual brilliant transition from traitor to the only one with the smarts and the determination to go after the Queen's statue stick. Adult Edmund was just as adorable. I hope they do Prince C. and Dawn Treader close enough to bring him back.

Favorite line:
Book: There is one thing which no one has suggested which is well worth trying. We might all try minding our own business.
Movie: It doesn't exactly rhyme.
Well, that's rather missing the point, isn't it!

Well, I'm bored with that format already. I'm a little jumpy waiting for 2. Anyhow. The movie was pretty good. It recreates the wonder I remember from the first time I read LW&W and I consider that a good thing.

While watching the casting, I was thinking I might have picked some different actors who played well and had a similar look but are slightly more talented. (but of course, also more well-known and therefore more expensive.)

Wow. I'm behind.

Not bad. He played a lot of obscure stuff, which Rocker points out is probably promoing the box set he's touring on. He played "Zanzibar", which is great, and you never hear in concert, and the ubiquitous favorites like "Piano Man", "We Didn't Start the Fire", "River of Dreams", "Anthony's Song", "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant", "Goodnight Saigon," etc. "I Go to Extremes", which I seem to think I've heard at more than one previous concert. He did "New York State of Mind", but he apologized for it. Still he think he should have swapped in "Downeast'r Alexa" for it, as a pander to his audience....this is Boston, after all, what do we know from a NY state of mind?
Usual light show, nothing fancy. Usual stage setup, Piano at center. Keyboards on the rear wings. Piano rotates. On "Big Shot," Billy Joel danced with the microphone. That was possibly the cutest part of the show. That and the flugelhorn in "Zanzibar."
So that was Thursday.

The best part about the concert was that I was too tired on Friday to work up much indignation over the fact that I'd spent three days testing a fix that was never implemented. Not surprisingly, the code failed every test I put it to. Go figure.

Saturday was massive migraine day. I spent most of the day growling in agony. Went to Rocker's Satuday night though. Rocker asked, "Why did you come if you're in such pain?"
Because I was going to be in pain no matter where I was. Why not be here in pain? Rocker replied, "Uh, thanks I think." We watched Modern Marvels: Disney World. That was pretty cool. They've got some neat new attractions.

I did a ring on Friday. This is nice. It's got a nice crystal band. I'm making a bunch of pink, crystal, and red rings for the Valentine's day meeting. 8-)
I have two and a half done.
The one I'm currently working on is using two different size seed beads (pink size 11, and red size 8). I'm still undecided how that looks, although the colors really appeal to me. The red size 8 seed beads I picked up this weekend at a bead show (see next section), and they were the only thing close to a matching color. Makes me wish Ann was here to be a good eye for me.

So I went to the bead show. Not exactly what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting more bulk sales. There were a couple of places that had bins of findings at decent prices. I bought some Swarovski 5mm bicones at a decent price (considering I saved on the shipping costs), a couple of stone sets that appealed to me, more of the wrong leaves, damnit, but at least they were inexpensive, and some copper findings, and some nice cone bead caps, which I've been wanting.
What I didn't find that I was hoping for was a good source of bulk seed beads. I did find the one red color I was wanting, but I really expected to find bins of bulk seed beads that you'd get weighed and buy by the bag, like a bulk grain. I also didn't find much in the way of simple findings like large crimp beads, or beading wire or chain lengths.
It really was a bead show, primarily, and I can't complain too much.
I got to see the next best thing in crystal, Preciousa (?) which is a cheaper (in price, only, theoretically) version of Swarovski crystal, but they didn't have any in the sizes and shapes I'm currently working in, so I didn't buy any.
They only had one vendor who really had a bunch of seed beads. I did buy my ruby 8s from her, but the prices really weren't hugely discounted. The advantage is that I could compare the color against the matching crystals I had with me and so get a better match than I might have online.
The other smart thing I did was prepare a list which some approximate onlinage prices so I made sure I didn't get carried away (too too much) and stayed within a certain price range for the things I was looking for. This didn't help too much with the things I wasn't looking for, of course, but, you do what you can.

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