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In this dream, it was shabbos and I was over at my parents Rabbi's house. (He and his family come into play in a lot of my dreams.) The house resembled, not either of the houses I've seen the Rabbi at, but was close to one I used babysit at. I don't know if that's important. Anyway, the Rabbi was home and the three older boys. I don't know where the girls were. There was another house guest too, another guy. I remember feeling uncomfortable because I was wearing shorts, but I didn't have anything else clean with me. We were coming back from synagogue and somehow the subject of James Bond came up, and I forget how we got on it, but apparently the Rebbe had made a statement at some point about how James Bond was an anathema to Jewish way of life.
I offered to help set the table for lunch, but the Rabbi shooed me out of the kitchen. The other guest had decided he needed to go to the ATM, and I sort of decided I needed to too. Then on the way, I thought better of it, and sorta hung back. I figured that Rabbi wouldn't accept any money on Shabbos, and anything else could really wait. When he rejoined me after getting money, we went back to the Rabbi's house, but instead of having lunch, we started learning Talmud. The Rabbi was focusing on the section where the Rebbe's comment on James Bond had come in. It wasn't clear if he was doing it specially for me, or if that's just where he and the boys were.
The oldest boy (19/20ish) was lying on the floor near me and the Rabbi chastised him for unseemly behaviour. I told the Rabbi, "Look. You know, I've been babysitting your children for years. When I look at S (the oldest) and C (the next one), I don't see adults. I see a 5 year old and a 3 year old, because that's what they were when I met them. Sorry boys. That's just the way it is." I saw the third boy itching to ask how old I thought he was and I smiled at him. We went back to discussing why the Rebbe was anti-James Bond. (and I'm sorry, I forget why.)

My mother picked me up from the Rabbis to take me shopping, primarily shoe shopping. We parked the car on the lowest level of the parking garage and started walking up the stairs to the mall. We went up two floors of steps and then the final floor was suddenly rock climbing. I'm terrified of heights. Rock climbing 3 stories above ground is wretched. But I do make it to the top. Then we do some shopping but when we move to go to another part of mall, my mother decides we have to walk next to elevator/stairs shaft. She pushes me along in front of her. I try to point out that there's a nice, well-lit way off to the right (and another off to the left, although I don't point that one out.) but my mother is insistent. The "path" at first seems just narrow, and that's scary enough, but then it doesn't look it connects to the other side, and I refuse to go any further. I really only got about a step or two towards the abyss before I freak out and get out. My mother relents but it's not enough at this point. I'm so freaked out, I refuse to do anything but growl. Seriously. She tries to talk to me, and I just growl. I refuse to anything but growl. She parks me by some seats to do some shopping by herself until I calm down.
Eventually a couple women around me engage me in conversation about jewelry, beading, boutique shopping and other girly type subjects. I tell them about my mother's boutique (?). One of them asks me how the prices are.
"Usual boutique markup. No big." I reply.
Then I see my mother behind her signaling that I shouldn't have said that. I join her and we walk off to get shoes. She complains that I told people she marks up merchandise. Like they couldn't figure out it out on their own. Then I woke up.

I think I got Jean and Bailey's cold. I'm grouchy. But hoppie is moderately pleased. Because cold translates neatly into one thing and one thing only...matza ball soup.
Me: Do you hope I'll get sick so I'll make matza ball soup?
Hoppie: No. You'll make it anyway. You can only go so long without it. Then you'll come home and say, "I must make matza ball soup." Being sick is just a convenient excuse for you.
So last night I made matza ball soup. The matza balls came out terrible. Worst I've ever made. I think the temperature was too low when I put the matza balls in so they didn't fluff up right.
There's plenty of soup left over (when isn't there?) so I said I'd try to make new matza balls for tonight when we have more soup.
Hoppie: Good. Then I'll have a couple of more now.
Me: But they're terrible.
Hoppie: Matza Balls are like sex. When they're good, they're fantastic, and when they're bad, they're still good.
That's sweet, I think. Isn't it?
This morning I took Lanna to the airport.
This weekend I:
  • Won a couple big hands at poker that paid for the night. I won one early that gave me enough take my original stake off the table and play off my winnings until the end of the night, and then I won the last hand which allowed me to spend money at Liz's on Sunday.

  • Made a couple of netted rings at Liz's

  • Had a great idea for a necklace and earring set with garnets and mother of pearl hearts

That's pretty much it.
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