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and so it goes

When I moved to Boston, one of my foundations was my friend Greg who has since moved to Virgina. When he moved, I felt like the earth was moving under me. One of the reasons I'd felt comfortable moving to Boston in the first place (although not the only one) was because I knew he was here and could provide support, good advice and comfort when needed. Apparently he can, even from Virginia. I ran into some friends of his last night at meet the midwives. I'm hoping to leech off their experiences and steal all their valuable knowledge.
And for those who are curious about Mr. Lonelyheart, we've started off this morning with: 2010, 3020, 3030 (twice), 3050 (in a meeting no less)and another 4082.
There's the view from the flipside,
2010 Cocks his head to the side when you are speaking to him as if you were a charming but dumb child.
3020 Sends you an email then comes to your office to explain it.
3030 Spends 20 minutes repeating the same information that you understood 3 minutes into the lecture.
4082 Blows off a staff meeting partially, without explanation.
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