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Did I say 2? What I meant was...

Picture if you will. I walk into a meeting.
I remove my palm keyboard from its case and set it up. I put the Palm on the keyboard.
I then pull a bag out of my pocket. I remove a clear plastic case from the bag. I tip it over and dump a small quantity of small red beads on the open keyboard case.
I remove a second plastic case from the bag and dump a small quantity of a different color red beads on the open keyboard case, but far away from the first set.
I then commence to unwinding my thread from a bobbin and start threading beads onto the needle and working it into my project.
As the project manager, do you say anything?
Anyway, I got a bunch of work done on my herringbone stich thing so I'm pleased.
The girls at lunch like it so much, I got a request to make one in blue, which I shall do after this one is done, and over time.
I've got to get through the February list before I can go great guns on the unscheduled projects. And I really should do March too, when February is done, but, you know how these things are.
Why does it feel like all I've talked about this week is beading.
Tags: crafts

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