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Love to love you, baby.

To ya'll,
I didn't send out many Valentines this year, just a few to people who I thought needed an extra dose of love, but it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about you.
Aaron - While I appreciate that you honestly believe the Pirates don't suck, I want you to know that I don't value you less, just because you're clearly insane. I always look forward to our conversations and your visits and am honoured by your friendship.
Drew - Rekindling our friendship is the single best thing that happened to me last year. And I think that's really all I had to say.
Jill - I just sent you an AIM telling you that I appreciate you. Now I'm telling the world that I love you. Thank you for always being there and for sharing your life with me.
Ann - Working with you those last few months of last year rekindled some of the joy and pride in my work and continues to inspire me daily. Yeah, that was easy.
Tony - SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My home is always open to you, and my heart likewise. But I suspect you might already know that.
archon - Our relationship hasn't changed in like 80gazillion years. I feel the same way I always have. And you don't read this anyway.
Zoe - It's an honour and a pleasure to have you for a cousin-in-law-in-law. Also, I finally found that camera case this weekend. Still want it?
Gret - You snuck up and replaced the "atic" with "tastic" while no one was looking. I appreciate having someone to sports girl geek with.
Julie - Who also doesn't read this, and has sorta fallen off the face of earth. It's hard to believe, I suppose, but I do miss you.
Scott - I miss you so much and so often. Might just be time to arrange that dinner we've always talked about. Especially with Purim coming up.
Brian - My darling.
Char - I miss playing with you, but I'm glad we're still maintaining contact, however tenuous.
Cassie - Rose is precious and so are you.
Steph - So near, and yet so far. Please know that you're never far from my thoughts and I worry and care about you.
Chris - I can't believe the changes we've seen. I feel like you've grown alot, and I've sorta mostly stagnated, but that isn't your problem. I'm constantly honoured to know you.
Linds - I await an update with great expectancy. Also, I love you. Also, I think you owe me a book. 8-)
Chris- What do you say to someone who knows you so well, and for so long? I hope you know how much I value you, not just for Helen, but on your own merits.
Ofer - Bah. 8-)
Dianora - Sometimes I can still feel your arms around me. It makes me feel safe.
Scott - Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and safe at the wedding. It's nice to be able to drink with family. It's actually nice to have family that has decent taste in drink. My family, not so much.
Driz - You really must call me sometime when you're back home. I'm sure you must owe me a drink or something by now.
Josh - I didn't want to leave you off, even though we don't know each other too well, but I still your updates.
Greg - I think you are one of the few people who I regularly update with how much you mean to me, and what a profound influence you've been on my life, but it never hurts to say it again. I think without you, I'd be much more spiritually bereft and emotionally stunted.
Craig - Yadda Yadda, change. Yadda Yadda stay the same. Yadda Yadda, you're important to me. And all that cheery, happy stuff. 8-)
Dana - Hang in there. I'm sure they'll find the right combination of things that works for you. The important thing is to hold on to your identity and focus on the things that will make you happy in the long run. Don't get too caught up into today's troubles.
Eric - I echo some of the same sentiments I sent to your brother, but I just want to add how much I look forward to your visits and mention what a pleasure it is to be your cousin (in-law).
Lorand - You haven't made me laugh in weeks and I hate for you for it. I don't ask for much, just be amusing. Is that too much to hope for?
Jumpie - "At the end of the day, you can come home."
Tril - I'm here because of you, and in a way of looking at things, you're directly responsible for the steps I took that got me here. Don't think I don't remember. And never think I'm not greatful. If you can't look at yourself and see the person I can, at least look at me, and see what you can create just by being.
Shmar - In every generation there is a friendship that transcends the bounderies of natural logic. Ours is not such. Our friendship makes total sense as it always has.
Countess - You thrill me with your perception and your grace. And soon your presence.
Jen - Your enthusiasm and zest turn a dull day upside down. Thank you.
Jon - I'm sorry we missed you last time we were in town, and I think we're all done with special occasions, but I'm still hoping there will be another.
Josh - I know you don't read this. So I could take this opportunity to mock you. But I won't. Much.
Jason - It's not enough to love, you must be able to express love. The worst part about time is that the more that goes by, the harder it is to fix the impressions we have already formed. So without preaching too much, I value your friendship and the times we've spent together. Friends don't have to agree on everything to be friends. I hope you realize that am now, and have always been ,your friend. (add Spock voice here)
Cindy - I feel like we get closer all the time. I'm sorry your first memory of me had to me me drooling all over hoppie. Oh well, I'm sure I treat him with enough nonchalance now to deserve your respect, as you certainly have mine.
Delia - Words cannot express the joy that comes from having you in my life. They just don't make 'em that great or that wonderful, not like you. Words are limited and constrained. I never feel that way when I think about you, so it's not fair that I feel that way when I have to describe you.
Sally - I do wish you'd stayed closer. You'd really love this beading phase I'm going through. But I'm glad you're enjoying where you are too. Thank you for being my friend.
Maya - I'm glad we were able to put the somewhat rough start our relationship had behind us and build something better and stronger. You are a person of deep compassion who constantly reminds me to be better person, and I should hate you for that alone, but I suppose I don't. I love you for it.
Chip - Do you realize I've seen more in the Delia era than I did in all the years I've known you before? I think the thing I love best about you is how gentle and patient you are. It never fails to amaze me how controlled your movements are and how precise. I delight in your existence.
Lawrence - I consider myself quite fortunate to have met you and become friends with you and your family.
Lanna - Thank you. I love you and appreciate you, although not so well as you deserve.
Katie - hssssssss. hssssssss. hsssssssss. love.
Jan - I think I set aside times to tell you how much I appreciate you too, but if I haven't lately, I do.
Joannie - I adore you. That is all.
Steph - Chin up. You're appreciated.
Liz - rawr! u r t*e*h best grlz on t*e*h intarweb. Also, I worship and adore you.
Lori - A day doesn't deserve the title if I can't share it with you. I feel like I've known you my whole life, Oh wait, I have known my whole life, or at least, yours. With all my heart, and everything that is mine to give, I love you.
Stacey - I will always be here for you. And I support you and what you want absolutely, even if I suggest alternatives. When your decisions are made, you may rely on me for whatever you need. With all my heart.
Matt- You challenge me to think. Sometimes I think you do it deliberately.
Dan - Missing you and the music you bring.
Suey - Life without you is like a day without flowers; yeah, it's okay, but where's the beauty?
ww - You've given me way more love and support than I've given you, I feel bad about that. Start asking yourself what I can do for you. I don't want to be the one who's always taking.
rone - You've given me back a part of hoppie I'd completely forgotten about. I haven't decided if that's a good thing.
Erin - I think you've known how much I love you from the day I met you. When we first looked into each others eyes and thought, "She's exactly what he likes!" at the same moment, our lives and destinies were intertwined. Sorry about your luck, beautiful.
Robin - LYLAS. Remember when we could say that to each other and it sounded so cool and so grown up? Now it's dweeby, but no less true.
Brian - I hope you didn't think that previous Brian was for you. This one is all you, baby. When I think of 6 foot homeless studs, I think of Derek Lowe, but that's not really relevant now. I know I tell you this all the time, but you delight my soul. Our conversations. Our interactions. Oh, yeah, I live for this.
Solies - Have we got a show for you.
Sammah - Don't give up too easily. Try to see yourself through other people's eyes, people like me who really like you.
Dan - Faith is a beautiful thing. Never lose it.
Rando - I swear you're the only person who makes me seem normal by comparison. I love that!
Ben - Thank you for always being there for me. For taking me out my first weekend in Boston and making me feel less alone. For never feeling threatened all the times I sexually harassed you, and there were many, many times. For taking me seriously sometimes, and not so seriously other times. For getting me lost, and for helping me find myself. I know I don't thank you enough for being who you are and for being so dear to me.
Elf - I love you for bringing new ideas, and for rekindling old ideas.
Anna - I'm glad I fit in your schedule sometimes. Even a little bit of you makes my life more pleasurable.
Sandy - That mushy stuff would just weird me out, but I like you a bunch. Always have.

And I think I'm done. If you think I've missed you in error, ping me and I'll apologize and/or fix.

with my love,
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