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All that stuff.

So the gazpacho came out pretty good. Elaine said it needed cilantro and more onion. I think it needed more tobasco, maybe. I'll ask hoppie.
We stopped a winery on our way to his parents house and I tried a couple of blueberry wines and a cranberry. I never quite bounced back. I was exhausted the entire rest of the evening. And I'm still kinda tired now.

Don't remember much of it, but I remember waiting to go somewhere on a bus, and while we were waiting, we went outside, me and Janice (it was at first), and we saw a Nathan's Hot Dog stand in amidst the other stands selling food and trinkets. And I went to point it out to Jan, (who has a closet Nathan's fetish) and it wasn't Jan anymore, but Rachel, and I figured she didn't care. Then I asked to see their Teudah with really poor grammar. They replied so quickly I couldn't translate what they said. Then I tried to ask for clarification in really broken Hebrew. And I don't know what was wrong with me, but I just couldn't seem to translate what they were saying, and I couldn't repond back sensibly either. It was distressing. So we went back into the bus stop and there was a class of some type going on, and we wanted to get back to our friends, so I followed the Jan/Rachel who was now neither of them forward into the crowd. Then we backed up and went around the back. The instructor asked us what we meant by disturbing. She explained that she had realized that going forward was really disruptive, so we were going around the back. I was glad she'd explained because I'd just been following her like a sheep and I had no idea why we were going forward, and back. Then when we got over there, he'd started showing some DivX movie, and I asked some type of question about the DivX movie and then, some guy walked up behind me and held my arms. Well, I got really mad, and I made a fist and slammed it into his face. He leaned back and I elbowed him in the stomach. Then I pulled out of his grasp and said really loudly, so as to get everyone's attention, "Don't you ever touch me again!"
And he explained that he had hacked into the movie, so he knew it was DivX, but how could I know unless I hacked into it, and as I worked for a company that did DivX stuff, I must be doing something illegal, or something.
Well, I didn't even question why feeling like I hacked into the instructor's divX machine gave this guy the right to touch me, although I did think it. Instead I pointed out that the video had said it was DivX in text on the top of the screen when it started. So I had the instructor run it back, and we read the words on top at the beginning. Nothing about DivX and hold boy was getting very smug, but then something flashed quickly along the bottom, DivX followed by a serial number. I pointed out that it reinforced the idea that I didn't hack into it or have specialized knowledge, because then I would have actually known where to find the DivX logo, instead of trying to remember, and badly.
I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

Many small things happen in this chapter,
We find out that Cho, and presumably most of the Hufflepuff believe that Harry is right. We know most of the Slytherins think he's right (although they would never admit it), so that just leaves the Ravenclaws (excluding Cho) and the rest of the Griffindors.
We still don't know where Hagrid is, but Madam Maxime is back, which makes Hagrid's absence seem that much worse. No point in trying to keep it from the ministry, though, Umbridge is right there. And it's not like Hagrid's easy to miss.
Ron is nervous as a keeper, but I'm sure he'll settle into it. He needs to get over his self-image problems. He always assume people think the worst of him. I'm so glad i'm not 14 anymore.
And Percy is vastly deluded. You would think he'd know better. The whole Crouch thing happened right under his nose. Some people.

Workout number 6 at Curves, starting my third week.
I'm wondering if I can bring a guest in next Monday, I should call the place in Louisville, but I'm afraid they'll say no. I guess better sooner than later, right?
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