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Romance on the World Poker Tour

So after discovering yesterday's NASCAR/Harlequin cross-over romance, I got to thinking about what's next for Harlequin as they transition cheap tawdry romances to appeal to this next generation of potential victims readers. I was thinking about what else I would be reading that captures my interest. Obviously, I have no interest in Reality TV, so Reality Romance: Finding Love in Front of the Whole World, would hold very little appeal, but when you think about:
Love on the World Poker Tour, now there's a scenario to make the heart sing.

Callie Summers always had to be tough. Her mother had run out with a traveling salesman when she was 5, and she'd been left alone to take care of her dad. He'd taught her play poker, and to study people, to watch them, and to learn from them, and she'd handled everything else. Now, 20 years later, she is an established poker champion. Her father died when she was 19, the year she'd started playing professional poker. Since then, she'd had no need of a man. Many woman on the game had a male coach or manager, or worse, a lover. She'd taken lovers herself a time or two, but never someone in the biz. It didn't pay to mix business and pleasure. She'd seen too many women lose their edge when her lover became jealous of her success. Susan Bancroft had been one of the best, near the top of her game, when she found out her husband and coach, Dan was cheating on her. Now she was waitressing in Peter Falls, NJ, a place so small Callie wasn't even sure she could find a map.
No, Callie was resolved. There would be no poker playing men in her life, even if Davin McCallum had steel blue eyes that promised sin and pleasure.

Davin McCallum was firmly of the opinion that women were meant for pleasure. The last serious conversation he'd had with a woman who wasn't his mother was his sophomore year in high school, when serious, earnest Jenny Talbot had hotly contested his theory that the drosophila was just another creature in serious need of some loving. So was Jenny, Davin secretly thought, he left her sweet lips untasted. He had a feeling that if he touched her, he'd never be rid of her. "No serious women" had been his motto ever since, and Davin saw no reason to change now that, even if Callie Summers' mouth did have a tempting pout that challenged him to awaken the sensuality slumbering under that "hard as nails" exterior. Davin could tell she was trouble. The best thing for him would be to knock her out of the game quickly. But why did he have this lingering sense that she'll be the one to deliver the knockout.

Anyway, just when you thought Harlequin couldn't get any weirder, they come out with this. And I'm sorry, you do have to see it to believe it.
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