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A funny thing happened to me on my way home last night.
I had decided the other week that I needed a tire pressure gauge, because it was stupid to have to wait for hoppie to be around to use his. So last night, I thought, "Hey! I'll do that on the way home because I have to go t hat way to get new drugs anyway!" The way home has a number of cool stores including Jo Ann Fabrics, VIP, Auto Zone, and Walgreens, my drug store of choice. Anyhow, I was thinking I should get a nice small, portable tape measure, 'cause all the ones I can find are big, huge, manly things that weigh like 18 tons, one of them has a leveler on it, to give you an idea, and I wanted something small, and dainty, and delicate, and most of all, light weight.
The whole way towards Jo Ann's I was thinking I would go there and get one, then I remembered that I want to wait and shop there on Monday 'cause I have a 10% off coupon good Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (if anyone wants one, I can email it to you), so I decided I would not get the tape measure today.
I continued along merrily until I reached Auto Zone, an old favorite of mine from my carefree college days Ohio, when I spent many happy hours there buying supplies for my car, which was in a state of constant maintenance.
I walked in and the following ensured:
Clerk: Can I help you find something, ma'am?
Me: I'm looking for a tire gauge.
Clerk: (pointing) Down that aisle on the right.
Me: (Walks down aisle, looking to the left, humming)
Clerk: That'll, uh, be on the right.
Me: (Looks right, immediately sees display of tire pressure guages. Selects one. Returns to counter.)
Clerk: (Chatting to clerk 2.)
Me: There is, uh, one more thing, which you probably won't have.
Clerk: What are you looking for?
Me: A keychain with a tape measure on it.
Clerk: (looking stunned) Uh, actually we have a couple of those. Right here. (He points me to a bin of keychains near the cash register where Clerk2 is standing)
Me: Great! Thanks!
Clerk2: Ok, I have to ask, what would you want that for?
(Now Clerk's puzzled look is explained. He and Clerk2 have clearly had conversations wondering what the heck anyone would want a keychain tape measure for.)
Me: I make jewelry. This will allow me to take measurements from people.
Clerk2: Oh! So, as long as you have your keys, you can take the measurements! (The look on his face is something akin to "Wow! That's brilliant!))
Me: This morning, when I did not have a tape measure, I ended up using a piece of notebook paper. Very weird.
Clerk2: I can definitely see how this would be an improvement.

Then I went to the pharmacy to get drugs and had this conversation:
Leah The Pharmacist: Bye Susan! Have a nice day. (The the woman in front of me in line) We're just putting the label on your medicines, and (To me) I know it doesn't start with Y...
Me: H.
Leah: Right. (Flips through H) Marci! Here you go.
Me: Thank you.
Leah: I don't know why, but even though I know you've been married for ages, I still reach for the Y first.

These little interactions cheer me up tremendously.
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