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Ain't it the truth! Ain't it the truth!

I was teasing a friend of mine because she listed as an interesting fact about her that she had one husband. You probably don't need me to explain why this isn't an interesting fact, yes, she could theoretically have no husbands, but, in this century, outside certain select Mormons in Utah (which is small minority of Mormons too), it's not legal to have more than 1. And when your choices are 1 or 0, it's not really an interesting fact.

So in the interests of mocking her, I searched for something snarky to say. I lighted rather quickly on this this comment:
I have three husbands:
The one I think I married.
The one he thinks I married.
The one I live with.

And after I posted it, the profundity of it struck me. Sometimes, it really is just like that.
I have that migraine I had the other day, the one that makes my jaw and teeth hurt.
Feh. I'm still going shopping when I leave here.
Must remember to call the car people tomorrow. It's doing that thing again, and I didn't call them.
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