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1/17/06 Bunny's book club -Jan
Mary had a private theme: Great first paragraphs:
She brought: Scaramouche (Action/Adventure)
Julia Quinn's Romancing Mr. Bridgerton. (Regency) (Colin) one of the Lady Whistledown novels. This is the one where her identity is revealed. Wonderful and fun book. You must read this book last, otherwise it looses the fun.
Elizabeth Peters Crocodile on the Sandbanks (first in a very long series). (Regency) Starts out in Europe in 1860/1870 then moves to Egypt.
Mary Jo Putney's The Rake - This follows The Diabolical Baron (Regency) and tells the story of a minor character in that book. Not as good as the others, but still good.
Cassie brought Kerrelyn Sparks How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Paranormal) A gift based solely on the cover and title. The vampire of 500 years has developed a company that makes blood for vampires so vampires live without feeding on humans now. One of the guys at the company develops a doll that allows you to feed off the doll, but our hero knocks out a tooth feeding and he has to get it repaired before sunrise. He needs to find an all night dentist. Her name is Shawna, but she's in the witness protection program. She's afraid of blood and hasn't done a thing with blood since she witnessed a mafia murder. She works the night shift so she doesn't have to see blood. The Russian mafia shows up trying to get her. The book was a riot. Cassie described a scene in which they shove the doll into the trunk and try to get Shawna into the car, but what she saw was them shoving a woman into the trunk and she isn't particularly interested in getting in the car.
Robin brought Jodi Thomas's The Texan's Wager (Western). This author has written a bunch of Texas books. This one is a standout. 2 people having a real hard time in life meet up with each other and a third person and really learn to connect with each other. The three women are kicked out of the wagon train, one for being a curse, one for being a witch and one for trying to help the others. They decide to go south to Texas. On the way there, they meet a smelly guy who wants to rob them. They fight him off and then go to the town. The sheriff decides to auction them off as wives. This sets up the trilogy. This is the story of the third one. This guy is really quiet, and turns out to be quite withdrawn. His mother was deaf. He was in a raid that left him abandoned after being alone for days. He lives underground so people can't find him. If people get close to his house, little alarms go off. He rarely leaves the farm, but he's asked to help deal with this girl who couldn't talk. When he signs to the girl, she starts signing back. And it's very freeing for both of them.
Bunny brought Tara Janzen (Glenna McReynolds - which were sorta paranormal, fantasy, romance, historical) Then she did a contemporary about an Amazon adventure. This series, (Contemporary) which consists of Crazy Wild, Cool, Hot, and Kisses, is a series about a group of ex-juvenile delinquents in Denver. They'd run a chop shop, gotten caught and sent to the military and they end up doing super defense type stuff. In their spare time, they restore classic cars with cool names. They have a variety of missions in the book, but the things that got Bunny sucked in was the point of view. The books all follow the same time period, but from different view points. She covers the perspective of both partners in first person.
In book 1, you meet everyone and it's hard to identify the characters. Bunny had started with book 3.
We also discussed Lucia St.Claire Robeson Tokaido Road A story about the daughter of a Samurai who was forced to commit seppuku, and she's forced to sell herself as a geisha. She leaves to take revenge for her father's killings. She takes to the road to do the avenging herself.
We also discussed Mary Balogh's Slighty series, including Slightly Married, Slightly Wicked, Slightly Scandalous and Slightly Dangerous (Regency) are the best of the series. Bunny likes them all.

I bought The Love Wedding Dress a collection of short stories linked by a wrapper story. (Historical) The wrapper story focuses on the creation of the dress. The servant girl who is working on the wedding dress which she's making for the spoiled brat daughter of the house. She is of gypsy blood and she feels like she should curse the dress out of jealousy, but then she realizes that she'd rather see the man she loves find happiness, so instead of cursing the dress, she blesses it so that it will touch the lives of the people who wear it with happy marriages and love. Then he walks in and says he doesn't love the evil daughter of the house, but instead loves her and she must run away with him. She protests that it's the dress talking, and he's a bit confused because she's only wearing her usual outfit. He explains that it isn't the dress, it's her and she must pack and run away with him. She turns around to pack the dress and find's it gone! The stories follow the progression of dress through history as the dress helps the people who normally can't find love.
Janice brought Honeymoon Suite by Lynn Michael (Contemporary). Janice liked parts of it, but some of it drove her nuts. It's a somewhat typical story, rich younger sister with a perfect, hot, smart older sister. Younger sis falls for chauffuer's son, kisses the older sister and gets tossed out. Later he makes good, but now the family is in financial trouble because a relation embezzled money, and the parents are taking the blame for it, and the family is somewhat in exile (that's what didn't work for Janice) The girl is trying to hold the family together and spends some time mocking the FBI because they're watching the family all the time. The chauffuer has some medical problem and the son comes home, and tries to get the father out, but the father won't leave and before the son can say "contrived plot" he's involved with the family again. The older pretty sister is still around and son still has it hot for her, while younger sister is still is in him.
She also brought Complete Abandon by Cheryl Holt (Regency). Heroine is the daughter of the vicar. He dies, her mother is distant, and there's a younger sister she has to take care of. New viscount is a rake who is dissolute, and he brings all his reprobate friends to the area and they have a big party. He wants more revenues so he decides to evict the tenants. As she approaches, she witnesses an interlude between the rake and his bimbo. She goes up to the house and confronts him. He's drunk and a little spacey and he decides to scare her to get rid of her. He makes an offer to erase an eviction notice for every time she sleeps with him. She agrees. Story ensues. Heroine was a bit too modern, but the story works generally and it was an engaging story. He has an older brother who's illegitimate and is the viscount only real friend and he expresses some dubious opinions about this arrangement.
Bunny brought Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (Paranormal). Reminded Bunny of Sunshine. The paranormal is accepted and the magical creatures are becoming integrated into society. Our heroine is a native American shape changer, so she's not quite subject to the werewolf/vampire magic, not part of their group, but not normal either. She's sorta betwixed and between. She's an auto mechanic who fixes werewolf and vampire cars and she can sense the non-humans. She was raised by werewolves and knows the head of the society etc. She ends up in the middle of this plot that involves a bunch of mayhem. She's another hottie heroine who doesn't recognize how attractive she is to the opposite gender. It holds up as a standalone story. Enjoyable romp. She's got a werewolf and a vampire who are interested in her, and there's a resolution to the conflict and she doesn't realize her power of place, so she can return for more stories, should the author want it.
Bunny also brought The Barefoot Princess (Victorian/Early Industrial period) by Christina Dodd, book 2 of a trilogy. The princesses have been forced to flee the country during unrest and revolution, the heroine of Some Enchanted Evening and this one were left at a boarding school, and they don't know where the third sister, the crown princess is. They were tossed out of boarding school when the revolution came. They've been selling beauty creams to get by. The younger sister is a rebel and she's left town after the sister gets married. She ends up on this abandoned-ish estate in Cornwall where the rakish landowner is often absent and meets an old lady who is about to be evicted. They think that the landowner stole the old lady's invention and made factories with it. She invented a way to mass-produce beaded products. The heroine decides to kidnap the rakish lord and hold him for ransom which will allow her to set up the old lady. The stealing was done by his evil relation who would like nothing more than to see rakestrel dead. Eventually he gets out of that, and starts trying to set things right. Meanwhile the evil relation keeps trying to kill him, while he and the girl fall in love. There's a mysterious prince who's engaged to the eldest sister who has appeared in each book and he's sorta coming in out of the blue and looking for clues to the whereabouts of the third sister.
Cassie brought The Reluctant Viking (Viking) by Sandra Hill. Ruby Jordan has been married for x number of years to this guy. She runs a lingerie store, and he eventually gets sick of it, and he goes off and does his own thing. She misses him and wants him back and goes after him. The next thing she knows, she's on a boat with a group of vikings. She is their captive and she's not in her own body, she's in a skinny petite 30 year old. The viking looks just like her husband she decides that the only way to win over her husband, is to win over the viking who looks like him. She gets other people to help her out. She tells the queen that she can help her seduce her husband, and so she makes pretty underwear for the queen. She gets a place in the market to sale things. Then she has the problem of deciding who she loves, viking or husband (And I think we all know which one I'd choose).
Robin brought Blue Waltz - (Victorian/American) The opening scene is the woman walking down Comm Ave. She's about 10 years out of date stylistically and she's got a limp and she walks into a men's club and demands food, asks a guy at the next table for some bread which he sorta confusedly gives her, then she leaves and then she falls on the Boston Common, and the guy finds her, and she turns out to be his neighbor living in in the duplex next door. She had a horrible childhood injury, and she's got post-traumatic stress disorder and she's trying to make due. She's inherited a lot of money and she's in Boston and she's just odd. They think she's a widow, and she's always thinking her dad will come back and save her and waltz with her in this blue gown. Our hero of the bread is very stoic and wants to buy back the property, but eventually falls in love with this childlike crazy woman. Eventually she remembers what happened to her and together she and hero find a way to move on from her past.
Cassie also brought Goddess of Spring by PC Caste . The heroine owns a bakery in Tulsa and finds out she owes the IRS a ton of money that she doesn't have. People offer to buy the bakery, but she doesn't want to sell. She has The Italian Goddess Cookbook and she makes a bread recipe that summons the goddess of spring, And she's wishing for anything that will save her bakery. She places the dough that she's making in a special area and dances around it in the moonlight, and it blossoms into a flower, and in the flower is the goddess. The goddess makes her a deal, I will fix your bakery in 6 months in exchange for taking Persephone's place in hell. Our heroine accepts and takes Persephone's place as a goddess and trying to keep Hades happy.

Next meeting is: March 21st. (Exactly one month from yesterday.)
For those of us who like to be prepared, April is tentatively scheduled for April 25.
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