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Bizarre dream

I actually had about four dreams that I could remember when I woke up last night, but I remember the last one best, and it's most interesting.
I was driving with Cassie. We were both on our motorbikes. A cop car passed us, and I tensed, because I hate the police around here, but then suddenly smoke was pouring out of it and it pulled off to the left. I saw Cassie move her jacket aside to highlight the badge clipped onto her belt so I hollered over to her, "We gonna stop and help them."
"Yup." she said.
We pulled over to the right. Cassie waited with me.
"Why aren't you going over there?" I asked.
"I've radioed in. I want confirmation that they need help before I approach. You never know what happens in cases like these. That car could have been stolen."
As we watched and waited for Cassie to get the go ahead, the police car started up again, and moved into the right lane, driving slowly.
"Hey!" I said in surprise, "There are people in the back."
The car stopped an an officer got out. He threw two smoke flairs at us. Cassie already had her gun in one hand and a camera in the other and was snapping away pictures before the smoke filled in.
The officer stepped towards us, starting some lame explanation, "The cops at the mall...."
"Stuff it." Cassie said, "I'm a cop." She was still taking pictures as fast as she could and she trained her gun on him and fired two warning shots as he approached.
I was just privately thinking I would have shot him already, because he was awfully close when he knocked her gun arm and the third went wide, before the gun was knocked out of her hand.
The other "cop," the driver advanced on us, and he started shooting. I got shot in the stomach as I was moving to help Cassie, but it didn't seem to bother me. I woke up thinking the most important thing for me to do was get the camera so they couldn't get away.
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