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Running aground

So I broke the bracelet I was working on (see Yesterday) when I was finishing it, but, since I'd already promised it to someone, I went ahead and recreated it with, correcting yesterday's design flaw. It think it looks much fuller and better now, although still rather like a vine of cherries, if cherries grew on vines. Updated pictures of that, and the blue tubular herringbone.

Spoke to my parents last night. They've gotten a new dog. It was already in my (rather incoherent) dream of last night. It's a Gordon Setter, and I can see why my mom fell in love. All the coloring of her Rotweiller and all the temperament of Bentley the Mutt. His name is Jake, which my mother considers a fine name for a Jewish dog. She calls him "Bentley."

Work is crazy hectic and that is all.
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