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Pain Management by Walking Around

Busy weekend.
Friday night had Migraine From Hell (TM). Went to sleep with it. Woke up twice. Second time, I felt like my head had been set on fire. Tried to apply cool pressure. Tried to go downstairs to get drugs, couldn't leave the pressure on because it hurt more than it and I couldn't make myself go into the light. Hoppie brought my purse:
Hoppie: I couldn't find the pill bottle, I brought your purse.
Me: Fine.
Hoppie: The other pill bottle is on top.
Me: Fine.
Hoppie: Do you need some light?
Me: No!
Hoppie: Can you find the bottle without it?
Me: Yes?
Hoppie: Really.
Me: Yes. The bottle doesn't have a label. I can feel it.
Hoppie: Oooookay.

I took the drugs and paced around for the next hour waiting for the drugs to kick in. Hoppie comes upstairs to go to bed:
Hoppie: I've heard of Management by Walking Around, but Pain Management by Walking Around?

After that I slept better. I woke up and did some cleaning before hr_macgirl came over. We talked about...everything. Bad dreams, bad decisions, good decisions, the road ahead, the road behind, the roads we're on, just everything.
She offered to help me with cleaning, but I really wanted the time to focus on us. We've neglected our friendship a bit and it was time to straighten out the flower beds a bit, tidy things up, but mostly just to express ourselves and really talk.

We didn't go to rocker's (although the rest of Saturday went as usual, heh heh heh.)

We finished watching Bleak House. I should reread that. Maybe I will. It's so long though. (Remember: paid by the word.) But I did enjoy it.

Sunday, I got up and went to class. "The stupid" was not there. (and yes, that is what I call her. I never said I was a nice person.) It was a good class. There were some good questions and good discussions, further leading me to believe that my dislike of "the stupid" was motivated by her comments, not by any personal issues I might have with disruptions.

When I got home, hoppie and I went to Marblehead for the day and drove around looking at the world. It's a very nice world. A bit cold.
Tags: hoppie, television, tmi, weekend

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