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Ugh. Worst day ever.

Ask me about my day.
No, don't bother, I'll just tell you about it.

It sucked.
It started at 3. I woke up with pounding pain through my head. I looked around upstairs for some drugs, and didn't find, so I went downstairs to get some:
Hoppie: When I joked that you'd be up before 8, this isn't what I had in mind.
Me: I'm not up. I need drugs.
Hoppie: Oh.
So I got drugs, and then paced around for the next, I dunno, 20 minutes before I finally decided to go back downstairs, maybe log in. I turned on the computer, and the light just killed me, but I realized that the chair was incredible comfortable.
So I turned the computer screen back off, and just sat in the chair until the drugs kicked in. Then I went back upstairs and got back to sleep around 4:30.
Then I woke up around 7:30 and was done getting showered and stuff by around 8. (or slightly before as hoppie will tell you, smugly)
Then I worked on my portfolio until 12something. I had the oddest problems.
Edit: I forgot to mention this one. I wasn't able to verify my CD on Windows because for no apparent reason, hoppie's laptop doesn't recognize the CD drive anymore. It spins and the computer looks like it's thinking about recognizing it, but never does. So I have no idea if it even works on their systems. I'm making a copy to bring to the office tomorrow to test.
(And resuming rant) I still haven't resolved one of them. My printer has a CD tray to print onto CDs. I put the CD in to print, and went upstairs to get changed into interview clothing. When I came back, the printer was complaining that the tray was loaded incorrectly. I look where the tray should be and it's gone. It's nowhere. I've been looking all over my office and I can't find it. Fortunately, I had a test copy on a regular CD and I was able to bring that.
So I go downstairs and once again the blessed trunk is open and my car is dead. So I call hoppie in a panic to come home and jump my car so I can make it to my interview on time. While he's on his way, I look for my paper portfolio, can't find it anywhere either. Then I realize I also don't have the directions to the interview and when I went by on Sunday to where I remember it being, I couldn't find it. So I go upstairs and print out directions and I get downstairs with them just as hoppie is arriving.
My jumper cables are too short to reach between the two cars, so we get his out. He jumps the car and then I take off for my interview. I arrive about 5 minutes early, telling myself to put it all behind me, be charming, be gracious, be me.
The interview goes okay I think. At the end, luckily, when I've been handed back to the HR/recruiter guy, the fire alarm goes off. So we all go outside and wander around and he and I finish up. Go back to my car, of course it won't start because it's only 10 minutes from my house to the interview and it didn't have enough time to recharge.
So I call hoppie, he's not there. Then I page hoppie. His new pager sucks and only seems to work about half the time. I call Lori to help me pass the time. Then I try hoppie again. Then I go inside and ask if they have a facilities person who can jump the car. They do, but they don't have jumper cables. The receptionist offers to help me jump it, but you know where this going. My jumper cables are again too short. She is going to page the people who have the cars next to mine to move them, when I get a text from hoppie saying he's on his way. So I tell her not to bother as hoppie has longer jumpers than me.
He gets there about 10 minutes later. His jumper cables are also too small. We decide to put the car in neutral and move it. We try to move it backwards, but there's enough of an incline, it won't go. So then we move it forward, but then one of the guys who has the car next to me shows up and he moves his car so hoppie can pull up alongside me. Again, yadda yadda jump, yadda yadda.
I go off to get some lunch since I haven't eaten all day (it's nearly 4 now). I decide to go to LJS as it is a long drive and I could use the comfort food. Of course they screw up my order and I don't notice, this is the first time in a long time I've been to the drive-thru, because they always screw up the drive-thru orders and I really should have been on guard, but honestly, who hears "2 biscuits" and decides to add shrimp?! I don't know what excuse they have for not giving me hush puppies.

I'm supposed to go to a Purim party in half an hour and I just can't bear the idea of leaving the house. Just no more, please.

Edit again: I just found the CD tray. It was behind the printer. Now trying again, with crossed fingers.
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