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But, damnit, I look good

Car wouldn't start this morning.
Neither would hoppie.
An hour or so later he surfaced and helped me jump the car. I know it's not technically a two person job, but it's really helpful to have a second person, and I hate to use hoppie's car without him.
So I went to NTB.
Me: I need my battery replaced.
Him: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, I'm pretty sure. (insert long back story about the history of the car problems I've been having.)
Him: Well, we should test it first.
Me: Knock yourself out.
Him: Hey!
Me: Yes?
Him: Your battery is completely dead.
Me: (thinking) What a surprise. Who'd have expected that?
Him: We're going to have to replace it before we can test the alternator to make sure it's okay.
Me: That's fine. Thank you.

Work is work and very busy. I can't believe they actually expect me to work today. Bah.
So I'm not feeling much better today than yesterday, but tomorrow, we game.
Oh, and I'm nicely dressed in an effort to make myself feel better, but this necklace is slightly painful.
I need gold split rings.
Tags: car, crafts, work

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