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What's you gonna do when the lake goes dry, honey?

I'm starting to feel back on track.
I'm actually accomplishing things at work (besides swearing at this product which, bless its heart, requires double-extra, special configuration), my car is working, although it doesn't feel as healthy as I'd like it too. I'm thinking of taking it in just for an all points checkup.
Tomorrow I'll try to take hoppie's car in for an oil change. I wanted to do that this week, but I've been so insane, I haven't gotten around to it.
I mailed CDs to unnamed company with whom I had interview Tuesday.
And I mailed Delia's replacement check.
And people are coming over for gaming tonight, hurray for gaming.
I spoke to my parents last night. They're freaking out about Passover plans, or lack of ability to make any.
I'm wicked zen about the whole thing. Whatever it is, it is, and whenever we need to go, we'll jump in a car and be gone. It makes planning difficult, but I figure as long as I don't spend more than 20$ on tickets for anything, I won't complain about missing it.
I feel like I should have some insights that aren't tied to events, but not much right now. I'm too busy still. Thoughts coming as time allows.
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