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The Creative Process

So I ripped my bead challenge offering apart 3 times before finally settling on a piece I liked. It's probably about half done now.
I'm going to describe the creative process (there are no spoilers):
1. Cut a length of gold wire. Realize that the components are silver based. Swear.
2. Cut a length of silver wire. Realize one of the beads is too slender for the wire. Curse.
3. Test a couple of different threads. Choose one that isn't offensive in color and is waxed. Test to make sure the elements aren't too heavy for the string. Carefully cut string.
4. String a bunch of beads. Consider. Realize I hate the way the focal bead is hanging. Fume.
5. Take all the elements off. Fix the focal bead.
6. Restring the same pattern. Consult with hoppie. He says it's okay. I think it's boring. He wonders why I ask him if I don't believe him. I still think it's boring. Cuss.
7. Take all elements off. Test to see if evil bead from 2 will take two strands of threads. It will.
8. Add a second string. String more complicated variant of the same pattern I've been using. Stop cursing.
9. Love.
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