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About last night

I did not get a ticket for speeding last night. This is significant because I actually passed a guy at some unreasonable speed, like 75 mph and then pulled over to let the guy who was rapidly crawling up my ass pass me. For a moment, he and I were holding at the same speed, then I looked at my speedometer and realized I was going 80. I realized I didn't really want to be going 80. I really wanted to be going around 65-70, so I took my foot off the gas and let the car slow down. This meant the car next to me pulled ahead. As he did, I realized he was a police car. And I really, really wondered why he didn't stop me, although I was really, really greatful at the same time.

I thought, honestly, that I was dealing quite well with my stress until yesterday afternoon when my body started erupting in boils. And last night, more nightmares. Nightmare number 2 had me trying to both shop with my one dollar bill, and make a plane flight at the same time.

Hoppie and I were trying to get to Terminal D, and we ended up going down the wrong escalator, so we had to go back up, and then we started to head back to B and C, but then we got back on track and got on the bus that would take us to our plane. It looked for a minute there like we would miss the last bus, but then we made it. Even got seats on the bus, which was really more like a large tram.
What I was trying to buy for my 1.00 was a couple of a Gameboy advance games, but you know how it is in dreams. You see what you want but can't find it when you want it. Very frustrating.

It was sorta the reverse of my last BEF dream. He was supposed to pick me up at the airport, but didn't. I ended up walking across the river by myself, and then I ran in to a friend of mine from childhood and we exchanged contact info and stuff, and then eventually I found him with his wife, from whom he was supposed to have been separated. Apparently he'd thought better of it and decided to go back to her. I was irritated mostly because he hadn't told me in advance that it was a possibility. I don't remember what else happened. I did go back to the airport at the end of the dream, (that might be why I was in an airport for the next dream?) I promised myself that I wouldn't replay the dream over and over in my mind the way I normally do because I wanted to get back to sleep quickly and also to not remember it. It mostly worked considering I only remember the very beginning of the dream.
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