awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Recap (in no particular order)

Hoppie won the Act I table this weekend. He knocked me and Eric out and crippled Craig so he got knocked out the next round. It was interesting to play poker with people I'm not friends with Hoppie had some great cards and played them well. I played decently, but not well. I'll be better next time.
Hoppie played Act II on Monday and didn't do as well.

Friday night, we had hoppie's sister and cousin over for dinner. I wasn't quite organized enough to look like Holly Homemaker when they got there, but I figure there's hope for next time and the dinner was edible. Conversation was great. Drinks flowed. It was good. And kailara and I got to bead geek out. 8-)
Tags: family, games, hoppie

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