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Unemployment: Day 1.5 and Day 2 and part of Day 3

The rest of Day 1 was spent doing laundry and finishing up some jewelry. Then hoppie took me out to dinner to make sure I was getting out of the house some. Little did he know, right? 8-) This gave me the opportunity to deposit my check and that was my day.

Day 2 I had a playdate with annweenie where we beaded. I showed her how to make wrapped loops and dragonflies and I completed my beading challenge for April.
Hoppie: But it's April 3rd!
Me: But I got the kit on April 1st.
Hoppie: But the rest of the month!
Me: I'll find something to do.
Ann made a ton of stunning earrings and also me jealous. 8-)
Seriously, we had a great time bonding and talking and getting the gossip.
And I mailed the jewelry I finished yesterday.
Then Dwarak came by and caught me up on his Day 1 and Day 2 and returned a CD he'd borrowed.
Then lensedsqo, hoppie, and I went on a scouting trip to look at laptops and have dinner.
I was wicked exhausted when we got home and tumbled straight into bed. To wake up at exactly 7:00. AGAIN. For the third day in a row! Body, are you aware of the fact that this might be the only time you get to sleep late?!
So anyway, woke up, check email, wrote email, did some beading, made some phone calls, And now I need to make more phone calls and then I'll go shopping for Passover food.
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