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Unemployment: Day 3 and thoughts on Day 4

Phone calls and assorted errands accomplished, but no Passover shopping.
I've decided on an alternate Passover plan. Buy some interrim food, just for Sunday. Then on Monday go do the shopping proper.
Here's a picture of Asher with Nat. That directory has more pictures, but I haven't troubled to put a front end up, so I don't think you can browse them.
I suppose I could add links here:
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Saw V for Vendetta last night. Sorry tober, I liked it. The story hung together for me, and I enjoyed both the actors and the acting. They assembled a quality and believable cast and some very good dialogue.
"I felt like I could see everything that was going to happen."
"What's going to happen?"
"I said I felt like I could see what was going to happen....but I can guess."
I also realized during the movie that I watch too much TiVo because I wanted to stop the movie to read the signs and the newspapers. Yum.

Today I shall spend being trained on how to look for a job. They will tell me to make sure my shoes match, and my bra isn't showing. That ought to be a blast. But I expect we'll be out early, as my beading outplacement lady told me it's a small group. I think I shall bring some beads, just in case.
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