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At Brian's

I must have a thing for porches. I'm sitting out on my brother's porch now and feeling a serene tranquility, that, I'd admit is at least partially aided by the fact that it's 7ish.
So far the trip has been good. I've been making my Type-A brother a little mental by not using my cellphone properly. I was in the act of turning it on when we were taxing down, but we were at the first seats and so I was interrupted by a need to follow hoppie and leave. And then I forgot about it until we were wending our way from the airport. Brian wanted me to get a larger car. No problem, I figured, because we were picking up the parents the next day, well, hoppie was. And then my phone went dead so Brian was frantic yesterday trying to figure out whether parental units had been achieved. Of course everything was accomplished at a suffering minimum, for everyone except poor Brian's nerves.
The baby is lovely. Still a bit red. But less so yesterday than he was Friday.
I feel like I had tons to say yesterday, but can't remember a jot of it today. Cousin Martin came over with his kids, Erica and Max. I have to remember that he goes by Marty now, despite the fact that I've been calling him Martin for years.
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