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And we're back

Where were we?
I love JetBlue.
Yesterday we got a sorta late start leaving, and hoppie had to keep me calm the whole time, because you know I hate being late, particularly to catching planes. We get there and they warn us that they might not get the luggage on the flight, because we're so late, that's how late we were.
The woman who checked our luggage in instructs someone to take it to the scanners so we don't have to self scan and can go straight to security.
She goes with us to make sure we get through.
I can't find my driver's license anywhere. She signs off that she saw it. (I did show it to her at the counter!) and then I put it back in my wallet, I thought, but I can't find it.
And I'm freaking out. Anyway, she vouches for us, and they make me go through the full-on security search, pat down, etc.
We get on the tram to the terminal, and luckily our gate is one of the first ones off the main concourse and we're on our plane with about 10 minutes wanting till push back. We get all seated and stuff, and they ask if this guy is on the plane. Then they ask if I'm on the plane. I'm figuring they just want to confirm that we actually made it on. I raise my hand and they hand me my driver's license, which I apparently left at the check-in desk. Wow!
And our luggage made it.
And their seats are wicked comfortable.
And it's really cool to watch TV while you're flying.
I have developed the major love for JetBlue.
Trip was good and I'm delighted to be home.
Hard to believe this time last week I was in Tampa meeting my cousin, __blank_film for the first time. Along with my cousin, her mother, and two sisters, and one brother. By which I mean, we went to see MeeMaw's niece and her family. It's was a great trip. And I'm wicked sunburnt.
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