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Life on the other side

So, this morning.
I discovered that I win at Flexibile Spending Account! I didn't quite use all of it, but I did spend 85.73 over what I paid in, and just 10$ shy of my expected yearly limit! Go me! It's so refreshing to hear someone beating the system.
Whenever you sign up for these things, they always tell you, when you whine about the fact that you don't get allocated flex spending back if you don't use it by the end of the year, about how IF you were laid off, you might get extra money, because they can't deduct it when you're gone and they can't make you pay for it. Finally, I know someone who benefitted.
So I got gas and I paid what is the lowest price in the area for it, an embarassingly high 2.84$, one cent less than hoppie, and five cents less than the going rate, which seems to be holding for the moment at 2.89$.
I know. No one cares.
And I started my new job.
I lost the business card of the woman I was supposed to meet with, but I got lucky because one of the support engineers knew exactly where I was supposed to go. My machine isn't there yet. But I am!
I spent all day with the support lead who is also doing documentation. She gave me product overview and concepts all morning until my brain shut off.
And I saw annweenie! She came over and gave me a big kiss and a hug! She found me by my giggle. It was fabulous.
Jitta took me to lunch and I spent the afternoon playing with the product and doing things like checkins and checkouts and merges and diffs and being a total dork trying to get familiar with the way the product works.
And we all love the Red Sox.
And Barbara who I spent all day with gets tickets regularly and is happy to drag me along with her when she has a spare. She's delighted that there's a lady (that's me, you freaks) who can be dragged away from her husband for baseball.

I am a toboggan!
Find your own pose!


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