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Whoops. There was a weekend in there

I was so excited about yesterday, I forgot to talk about the weekend.
First off, I have a bruise the size of a very small horseshoe on my arm from giving blood.
Hoppie's like, "That's nothing! You've had worse!"
Which I suppose is true.

I've adopted Aunt Ceelie's cleaning method for the bathroom. Clean up after you use it. It's the same sort of thing I've been trying to years in the kitchen, but it's much easier in the bathroom because you're actually done with something when you stop using it.
When I finish taking a shower, I mist the shower with that fresh shower stuff, and when I'm done brushing my teeth, I clean the sink and the sink rim. Probably once a week, I should rub down the counter and move everything on it to prevent dust settling?

Saturday night I had a migraine and went to bed early, but then couldn't sleep when I woke up at 3.

Sunday tpau came over to work on her necklace thingy. It's hard to pinpoint exactly what we did wrong, but having given it some thought, I'm inclined to believe it's at least partly the shape of the magnets. Also, looking up the magnets they have "moderate" magnetic strength. I'm not sure what they should have, but maybe the thing to do is to put two and three of them together to increase the bond.
We ended up going to the store to pick up thinner SoftFlex for the pearls on the necklace.
I gave in and bought one of the Red Sox scratch tickets. I didn't win, and I won't win the second chance drawing either, which doesn't mean I won't try. Anna had the same problem. The Lowell white trash next to us at Dunkin Doughnuts, where we bought the ticket, engaged us in conversationn, but we were saved by Kathy who rescued us and took us back to the store.
No, maybe I'm being mean. They seemed very nice and the woman at least was dying to join our conversation, and it seemed only polite to let her.
And that was the weekend.

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