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I've been meaning to keep up the posting on the new job, but unfortunately the new job has kept me quite busy.
I'm still getting software installed and configured (anyone use cygwin for an xwindows emulator and feel like telling me what I'm doing wrong?)
And still reading through pages and pages of specs, which can be pretty tedious work.
My hope is still to be up and writing for real on Friday.
I love my anal-retentive nature. I want to buy a larger CF card for my MP3 player so I can pretend I'm like the cool kids and listen to music on it, instead of through my computer. Now it's been forever since I've bought this thing, and I didn't remember the name of the company who made it so I can check and see how large a card it could handle. So I went to get the spreadsheet I made which I knew would have the URL. It does. It also has a list of card types and capacities. Squeeee! Go me!
Anyway, took Lanna out for a nice dinner yesterday to celebrate the job and her role in it. It was supposed to be a nice double-date night, but Mr. Lanna had a zillion excuses why he couldn't join us (Okay, he only had two, one he had to work late at his new job (you think I'd be more sympathetic) but 2) he ended up feeling sick and coming home early from the job and going to sleep.) So another time maybe. 8-)
Getting used to XP which I've only used casually is another issue, but definitely making progress on finding the balance between using the new features and keeping the old ones.
Tonight will be another busy night where I try to either do some clothing shopping (What? I'm going for the professional look! Didn't I mention that?) or go out with Rocker since I had the headache from hell on Saturday night and refused to leave the bedroom. (I would have refused to leave the bed, but the headache struck me when I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth as part of getting ready to go.)
Anyhow, I apologize for the scatershot nature of this post. I'm just sort of rambling, but I did want to get in some sort of update. Cheers!
Oh, and I'm working on a lesson planner as an independent project. If anyone has design formatting ideas or wants to see the result(s) let me know.
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