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I accepted the things I was powerless to change

The simple fact is I'm not all the fond of doing laundry.
I'm not saying I won't do it, or that I'm not passing good at it. I am. I can remove stains (boy that was a skill of necessity!) with the best of them. I know the difference between the differnet washing cycles and all that, but I don't enjoy it.
And for this reason, I've decided to send all my hand-washables out to the dry cleaners (along with a selection of "dry clean" only clothing.) I just want everyone know that I'm tired of pretending I'll get around to washing them. I do. I have. But I won't.

Today is a day of errands and keeping busy.

ckd and hr_macgirl volunteered to help me cable up my cable modem. I'm afeared of cables and mostly of our TV. Irrational fear? Probably, but I'm historically not very dexterous. Why doesn't hoppie, the guy with a degree in electrical engineering do it? Guess.

Did some retail therapy this morning to help cool down from this morning's evil internet experience.

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