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Speaking of accepting things I'm powerless to change

My midwife is officially not returning my phone calls.
I need a recommendation for a gynocologist or midwife who:
a) is taking new patients.
b) is willing to deal with obstetric issues as well as gynocological (hey, the last regular gyn I had made it clear he was out of the obstetric business, which at the time, was fine.)
c) has an interest in, or experience with fetility issues.
d) is supportive of natural childbirth/homebirth and the midwifery experience.

I imagine that no one fits these requirements, in which case, I'll go back to how I found the last midwife, cold calling and random chance, which is something I'm hoping to avoid and will probably depress me into inaction, which is where I've been spending a lot of time lately.
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