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Where to start:
Well, first off, I left my camera at home (darn my eyes), so you'll have to wait on cute nephpics.
Second, there will be no Harry Potter update this week. I took this as my bye week to make up for reading two chapters when Harry went to the Ministry of Magic (1) for his hearing (2).
Third, people may want to skip this, as it has a fundementalist nature about it, but I have to share this little
This morning I was thinking about the names of G-d and what they mean. When I was at Yeshiva, a word which here means "school for girls, set high in the mountains, where you learn about the names of G-d and the nature of godliness," (be wary of any sentence that starts off with that phrase), one of my friends had a favorite name for G-d, a Yiddish name "Abehster" which alludes to the nature of G-d as father. This morning as I was pondering this, I tried to think of my favorite name. As I tried to steer myself towards a favorite while telling myself I didn't have a favorite (the one I tried to steer myself towards was "Master of the Universe, more on that in a minute), my actual favorite bubbled up to the surface, a hebrew phrase, "Hakadosh, baruch hu" (which is pronounced "hakadoshbarakoo" when you slur it which is the prefered method of speech.) It means, "the holy one, blessed be He." which once again affirms the superiority of spoken languages like Hebrew and German which condence big ideas into short phrases over written languages like English which are better suited to minimum word count essays for school. Now that I've alienated feminists, the non-religious, and reduced my readership down to three people (Hi Aaron, Janice, and Bob!), I'll continue....I don't know with what though. I don't know why it's my favorite. I've just heard tons of names for G-d in the last few days, and this one is my favorite. It's the one I use when I need something. The one I use when I want to speak to someone who will hear me. It's the way in which I connect. I just don't know why. As I type I wonder, is it because I'm usually requesting something so I want that element of begging in there, just in case? Is it because the first word appears in one of my favorite biblical verses "kedoshim tehiyu, ki kadosh ani..." (Ya'll will be holy, because I am holy")? Is it because it reminds me of that commandment, reminds me to try to be holy, just like the holy one, blessed be He. It refreshes my soul and gives me something to aspire to, while praising at the same time. Multipurpose. Maybe.
The vice Rabbi at my parents shul was listing to Louis, and the Weed (probably more on this in a future post) and I talk about Shabbat observance and the need to maintain a fence (not in those words), to prevent Shabbos from sliding out and secularism from creeping in. The Weed described it thusly. First you're driving to synagogue. Then you're thinking, well I need to pick up some milk, and next thing you know, you're skipping shul and going straight to the shop'n'party sports night thing. And the vice Rabbi said that a person who says "I'll add just one mitzvah ever year is considered a completely rightous person on the day of his death and is treated as if he'd done everything right." but a person who says, "I'll do all the mizvot except for this one, which I don't like, is completely like a complete sinner." It wasn't totally revelevent since we were speaking of the elements one mitzvah, which is more along the lines of mitzvah goreret mitzvah/avera goreret avera (or as Lemony Snicket would say, The Slippery Slope)(one good deed leads to another/one sin leads to another - see if you can idenitfy what means what), but it still gave me something to think about.
And I never got back to the Master of the Universe tangent. Simply this: my nephew is master of the universe. He commands my brother and sister's every movement. Everything they do is for him. My mother and father have two universe masters, my nephew is first and forement when he's around, and then Bently, the dog commands everything else. I'm not saying they've replaced G-d or anything like that, simply that Master of the Universe is very broad, very generic term, and G-d is very broad and very generic, in some sense, but when it comes down it, in a narrow, specific sense, my nephew (and also my niece) are also the masters of their own universes. I think a favorite name for G-d should be a little unique. I don't think I refer to anyone else as Hakadosh Baruch Hu, even in jest.

So anyway, things seem copacetic at the family manse. They miss me. I miss them. They adore hoppie. It's quite cute. Aunt Janice always tells mom how cute he is and meemaw always says how well he fits in.
So what do you think of Sidney Meritt Hopkins (Simcha Zocher)?
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