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Weird dreams

I don't remember waking up between some of these dreams, so it may have all been one dream. Highlights include:

Me and my brother visiting my parents. My brother had "the boy" (as opposed to "the baby") with him to give Sissy bonding time with "the baby." Of course my mother was furious.
The boy was a handful. Brian went off to Temple Friday night leaving us with "The Boy" who screamed everytime I went near him. He seemed to think I was going to attack him at any moment.

Another part (or another dream) I was at some sort of party with hoppie. And I was having a good time I think. Then the music started playing and Jan (an former coworker) slid across the floor grabbed me and started dancing with me. While we were dancing, he was explaining that hoppie wasn't good enough for me, and that he, Jan, would be. Dream Marci handled it very much like awake Marci would have, trying to diffuse the situation gently and with humour. Dream Jan was insistent though, explaining that hoppie wasn't showing me proper respect, he was dancing with all these other women. If I were his, he'd dance only with me. I replied that hoppie might be dancing with other women, but he was coming home with me and me and hoppie love each other very much. Dream Marci did not remind Jan that he was married and had a daughter as well, so it would be a bad idea to run off with me, because I thought it would lend too much concrete validity to the idea of running off, and I didn't want him to think I'd considered it seriously to recognize that there would be consequences.

To get a feeling for why this is so strange, you'd sorta have to know Jan. It's not just that he's closer to my dad's age than mine, although that's certainly part of it. It's that he's got this whole absent-minded professor vibe. And the strangest sense of humour. I could almost see him do something like this as a joke, like saying hoppie wasn't good enough for me. I can't see him offering himself in hoppie's stead. I could see him offering someone else. I can't convey how strange the whole idea is.

And still another part of dream involved me failing an English class because I kept missing classes (a recurring theme). I was talking to my friend Judy during this period and she asked me if that meant I was in Louisville, and I said that I was still living in Boston, but I was in Louisville to deal with some other issues stemming from my job as the manager/buyer of a Kosher wines section in a bookstore.
Next thing I knew I was leading Judy and her husband on a tour of the Kosher wine department I managed. Mark looked at one bottle and said, "Wow, this vineyard is long since out of business. I can't believe you still have some of their wines."
I explained that wines stored properly will last for many years, and that the fact that the vineyard is out of business just makes the wine rarer and more valuable.
And then they tried to sue me. I don't know what for. Don't think I understand what for in the dream either.

The Lizzie let me come over and play with her last night. That rocked. We had treats.
And then Hoppie grilled out steak. I feel like a cliché. I had chocolate ice cream and then steak. I know Lolo is proud of me.

And our teeths be all clean!!! We went to the dentist this morning and except for some wear on the teeths, I am all good. Hoppie also had a good appointment, from what he said.

I'll take a picture of what I made last night. I've already got a request to do another one in green.
And I have a migraine. And I'm very tired of the office getting so hot in the afternoons.
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