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So tell us what you feel of your new job

Last night I dreamt that me and a team of friends were working in a cave. I can't tell you our objective, but I left one of my new coworkers in the cave working with my mother's best friend and went to get a soda at a nearby snack bar and the coworker came out explaining that she couldn't work with my mom's friend.
So I pacified her as best I could and went to go subtly lay the smack down on my mom's friend and do some serious mediation.
When I got there, it was no longer my mom's friend, it was my grandmother and during the course of doing whatever it was in the cave, she'd broken her wrist, but she didn't want to go to the doctor's so I started trying to fix it and talking her down from the state she was in and mediating between her and my new coworker.

I was amused when I woke up. Apparently the majority of my job is damage control in my mind. It probably is in real life too.
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