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Curses, foiled again

They're short. I'm not even sure why I'm using cut tags.

So we watched the Grebes Cursed episode of Arthur. It's the only Arthur episode I've ever seen all the way through, although I have tried to watch it before. After the episode, they had Damon, Rentaria, and Timlin painting with a bunch of kids. Guys are so hot when they do community service.
And Mike Timlin is awful cute as a deer.

I think I'm cursed. Hoppie believes he's removed any potential curses on me, and also that BEF doesn't have the skill or focus to place a curse to begin with. I just woke up this morning with that feeling. I might be paranoid. Maybe.

Got a package from the RE's office. Scary.
The first thing I notice is the time on the appointment isn't the same as the time they quoted me on the phone. So now, regardless of anything else, I have to call to verify the appointment time.
Then the cover letter says they're going to inform me of the procedures involved. Nothing in the package does that. There's an article titled "Effectiveness and treatment for unexplained infertility" and (I do not make this up) Administration and storage instructions for Ovidrel (choriogonadotropin alfa injection). Are we jumping the gun a bit here? I haven't had any tests, so it's not entirely clear to me that my rumoured infertility is unexplained. Doing some research, I seem to have unearthed that this injection is designed to be used with artificial insemination treatment. Jumping the gun a little bit here, are we?
Also in the package is a bio of the RE I'll be seeing, which is cool and some background on his associates, also pretty cool. Then three pages on getting information about your infertility benefits from your insurance company. Technically it's only two pages because one of them is in there twice. I don't even know.
Then a three page questionnaire for hoppie and a five page questionnaire for me.
The second question on my page is "When did you strop using contraception" Hoppie says I should fix it, and any further typos, and send it back with my bill.
I'm not even sure I understand some of these questions:
Like have you had these tests:
I took my BBT every morning for more than a year, the results were different from day to day? What exactly is being asked here?
I'll get Robin to help me with some of these. It's the least she can do. 8-)
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