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I gave myself permission this weekend to punt on this month's beading challenge.
I was going to make a corsage (will probably still finish it, just not for the challenge), and I had one flower done and a half of flower done, but I just couldn't make myself go any further with it. I just wasn't interested enough and I can set up some pretty high mental road blocks when I get stubborn.

Anyway, last night when I got home, I pulled out my beads and went to town. I made three pairs of earrings, one of which I'm wearing now, a necklace, and I finished a bracelet. The necklace is going to be part of a set, I think, I have enough copper/green beads.

Two of the earring sets are pink quartz hearts with gold-fill balls and trumpet flower beads.
The other is actually something I was playing with and really liked. I strung four crystal (color) glass drops on green beading wire, passed it through a top drilled green glass heart, strung a seed bead and then went back through the heart and strung another set of the crystal drops. I liked the look, so then I had to figure out how to finish it. Finally, after experimenting with clamshell ends, I went with a crimp bead. It means the wire is more exposed than usual, but since it matches the heart and shows through the drops, it seems to work. annweenie thinks I should try it with purple drops (which I actually have left over from the mother's day commission.)

Hoppie was teasing me about not being able to make my money back if I keep making things for myself. But I was going through my drawer this weekend feeling grouchy because I don't have any earrings I want to wear. What's the point of making jewelry if I can't make some for me?

The copper set I'm pretty excited about. It's using Swarovski copper pearls, malachite faceted rounds, and the aforementioned copper and green beads. I haven't decided what to do with the set. It's pretty stunning. The problem is I know so many people who look good in copper and green, including kailara, annweenie, and me. Actually, that's pretty much the whole list. Redheads and copper are teh yummerest.
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